Daily Peach – Cotton make-up remover pads



The cotton (Peach) makeup removal, cleansing and toning pads are brilliant cleansers and exfoliators. They’re also fantastic longwear makeup removers.

Our Small Makeup Removal & Toning Pads are approximately 6cm in diameter.

Care for the planet and your skin with our soft, organic cotton makeup removal pads. Washable and gently exfoliating.

(Set of 6)

Directions for Use

Wash before first use and after every use. Wash on a cold cycle in your Daily Peach Drawstring Wash Bag. Alternatively, hand-wash in cool water with laundry detergent. Lay flat and allow to dry completely.


All items are made by hand by a team of women in Cape Town. Due to the nature of this product, stitch variation may occur.

100% Compostable

Cut into little pieces and add to your compost heap.