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2020 Jar – Brand Showcase: NikiDesign Studio / That Studio Blog

Our next exclusive brand showcase for our 2020 jars is NikiDesign Studio / That Studio Blog 📸🍃 Niki is a dear friend of mine and we have collaborated on many projects. She is such a talented photographer & designer and has a range of stunning products which we will feature in each season jar. I chatted with her in her little home studio… •
Tell me a bit about yourself?
Niki: I’m a graphic designer and photographer, I live in Melkbosstrand. I love nature. 🍃 •
Tell me a bit about your business?
Niki: I do graphic design for brand development, and I do photography as well, I shoot weddings, families, engagement couples and so forth. Then on the side I create décor-gift items. Display at local markets and have an online store where you can purchase these creations. 🌷 •
Why did you start?
Niki: Wow, that’s a difficult question! Well, I love creating things, and have fun making things, and love capturing moments, and I thought, why not make that a career. So I studied design, and with that came photography.📸 •
What keeps you going?
Niki: Every day is a challenge. Coffee for sure. When you are a creative person, you create something new & different every day, which I think is awesome and definitely keeps me going. 💕 •
And what advice would you give your younger self?
Niki: To not be too hard on yourself, and don’t be afraid of new challenges.
Last thing, how do you take your coffee?
Niki: Strong…a little bit of sugar, half a teaspoon, and ja, milk. ☕️ We are so excited to have you on board Niki! 🎉
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2020 Jar – Brand Showcase: Harper Lily

Another wonderful brand we are showcasing for our 2020 Summer love jar, is Harper Lily Design 🌷💕🌿

I came across the designs and fell in love! We chatted with Tazra about her story…

Tell me a bit about yourself?
Tazra: My name is Tazra Lindsay. I am 29 and originally a Durban girl, but I fell in love with lights and sounds of the city and I haven’t looked back.

Tell me a bit about your business?
Tazra: We are a women-founded and owned small business, who locally design and manufacture cushion covers. We also employ a female seamstress, who focuses on the finer details and high-quality finishing. The idea was initiated by my mother, who owns a guesthouse, and constantly having to update her decor and furniture due to the wear and tear. She was frustrated having to buy new cushions on an annual basis and had a pile of cushion inners taking up so much space. She just wanted to be able to purchase good quality and affordable covers but struggled to find anywhere to suit her needs. They were either too expensive or heap and poor quality. So the idea to produce cushion covers, as well as offer a custom service, was born.

Why did you start?
Tazra: I have always wanted to start my own small business, and with the help from my sister, Kelsea, who runs our social media and marketing platforms, we put decided to put our ideas on paper and bring them to life. We wanted to create something that was simple and manageable, while I work a full-time job, and my sister lives overseas. It was also a way for me to be involved in a creative outlet outside of my 9-5.

What keeps you going?
Tazra: It is still very much early days for us, and we have a lot to still learn along the way. But we are excited to see where this small venture takes us. I think the initial high comes from how thrilled we are to shop for materials and how passionate we are about our products. I love recreating my lounge and bedroom look on a weekly basis and giving my space a new look, and I hope I can share that with other people too.

And what advice would you give your younger self?
Tazra: To just start. Don’t overthink. Just do. You will figure out the rest on the way.


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2020 Jar – Brand Showcase: Protea Coffee

Our next featured brand for our 2020 jars is Protea Coffee ☕️🌷

This incredible product is perfect for the coffee-lovers on the go, and we are so excited about this local brand 🇿🇦 We chatted with Louisa to learn a bit more about her story…

Tell a bit about yourself?
Louisa: I am a very honest person.
As a mother, wife and friend I do my best to be honest and respectful to everyone I know and meet, as I would like others to be toward me. I love learning different things from different people, receiving and passing on of knowledge is the best way to grow and support each other.🌷

Tell a bit about your business?
Louisa: After traveling to Japan and discovering this wonderful concept for coffee making, we decided that South Africans need this “gadget”.
We sourced a local coffee roaster and started producing Protea Coffee, for convenience and great taste.
It has been an interesting journey, learning many different things about growing a business and teaching people about a whole new concept in coffee drinking.
We are excited about the future of Protea Coffee. ☕️

Why did you start?
Louisa: Sharing.
South Africans love the outdoors: camping, hiking, biking, river rafting (the list is long) and for those who just like a good of cup of “boeretroos” , just because you can.
Being able to a have a business which can grow and support other local business’s is something I have always wanted to be part of, this is perfect.🇿🇦

What keeps you going?
Louisa: Opportunity, the more opportunities you use, the more you receive. Even if it doesn’t work out, there is always something to take out of each opportunity. You never stop learning.✨

Advice to your younger self.
Louisa: Don’t wait so long, don’t wait until everything is perfect. There is no time like the present to start. Each journey start with a step, listen to your inner voice, this is your journey – no one else’s.
Be thankful, grateful, forgiving and caring. 🤗

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2020 Jar – Brand Showcase: ShuSha Baby

We are so excited to announce our first brand collaboration for our 2020 seasonal love jars 🎉☀️💕

Introducing ShuSha Baby a proudly South African Premium Leather Baby Bibs brand. 👶🏻🍼🤱🏻

I sat down with Amalia and her cute 1 year old daughter to chat about her exciting business.

1. Tell me a bit about yourself?
Amalia: I am a Mother of two. My first born is 2 years old and my second is 1 years old. Having kids always had me thinking of doing something within the industry starting as a hobby, something innovative and where I can some how reach out to other mommy’s (that’s why I came up with Shushbaby bibs).

Personally I enjoy trail running, being active and being with the kids doing fun things. Living life.

2. Tell me a bit about your business?
Amalia: ShuSha Baby started exactly a year ago, I basically felt that there was a need for this – and that I could save a lot of time for mom’s or parents spending a lot of time on washing bibs and money on new bibs. I decided to just start after trying a few things, but this lead me to the end result of exclusive leather baby bibs.

3. Why did you start?
Amalia: I had kids, a year apart. I found myself spending money buying bibs, did a lot of washing weekly, and got tired of this. So I came up with this idea. By doing this I thought of adding a touch of South Africa where I reside. So I started this, it’s being quite fun and also a nice hobby at the same time.

4. What keeps you going?
Amalia: My kids. I find myself being a very motivated person, so for me its just goals, goals, goals and having fun at the same time
For me, this is has being a goal with having fun and networking has being great with others. For the moment, I’m just enjoying the whole experience of it all.l from how it started to now.

5. And what advice would you give your younger self?
Amalia: To not be as hard on my self, to take things in the moment andenjoy the little things. Most of all laugh a lot, just have fun and make memories.

Please check out her amazing products and give this amazing business and follow! As you can see, my little niece couldn’t keep her hands off it 💕

Just a taste of the incredible products available in our new 2020 subscription jars🎉